Thursday, August 21, 2008

No More Newspaper

After fourteen years of reading the newspaper each morning, I’ve discontinued service. On Tuesday, when I shuffled out of the bathroom and automatically headed toward the front door, I began to feel lost. I was fine with moving on to making coffee, but after that I had to rethink my routine. I normally read the Sports section while I ate breakfast. I was ready for my day faster, but did I want to be? Yes, on one level. No, on another. I wanted to do something more important than read the paper, but I didn’t immediately remember what it was.

The only thing that I really have missed so far is the cartoon For Better or For Worse. The BIG wedding between Elizabeth and Anthony is finally going to happen. We have waited years for this. Luckily, I quickly incorporate looking at the FBOFW website in with my turning on my computer and checking headlines on Yahoo!! routine.

I am glad that for a few days I am no longer on autopilot first thing in the morning. I am sure that soon enough I will be entrenched in a new routine. The experience makes me wonder how many other areas of my life could use some updating.

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