Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bryant & May Off the Rails

What a fun, fun ride!! Bryant and May are back.

Of Bryant:
With increasing age, the grace notes of temperance, balance, harmony and gentility are supposed to appear in the human heart. This was not entirely true, however, in Arthur Bryant’s case. He remained acidulous, stubborn, incentive and opinionated. In addition, he was getting ruder by the day…
Of May:

Whenever May felt that his life lacked order, he redressed the imbalance by sprucing up.
Bryant and May Off the Rails, the latest novel in the Peculiar Crimes Unit Mysteries by Christopher Fowler, lived up to all my expectations. Right from the beginning, I was laughing. At a couple of points, I was yelling at the characters. [If people can yell at football players, I am allowed to yell at characters in a mystery.] Bryant is as quirky as ever. I was engrossed, trying to figure out who the killer(s) was/were, up to the end. Fowler’s wordsmithing is enviable. And, I furthered my education of London, this time the subway system and anarchy. What more could a woman want? My only teeny, tiny, perhaps whiny disappointment was lack of a strong story lines for some of the minor characters in the PCU; the drawback to writing a series.

Suggestion: For anyone who has not read the series, consider reading Bryant & May On the Loose first. While not a requirement, it fills in some of the motivation.

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