Monday, October 31, 2011

The Dog Who Knew Too Much (Mystery Book)

A Shady Ex-husband. A Wilderness Camp. A Missing Boy. A Gold Mine. Corrupt Officials.  

The Dog Who Knew Too Much, the fourth book in the Chet and Bernie Mystery series by Spencer Quinn, was well worth waiting for. (The book was at our library almost two months before I was able to check it out. One day I almost tackled someone who got a hold of the book before I reached the New Book shelf.) Like the previous books, it is intriguing, warm, and fun; it is a solid mystery. I love this series because it is fresh and interesting. Because the story is told from the point of view of Chet (the dog), we are given details that we might not normally pay attention to: scents, the flow of air, small body gestures, critters, faint sounds, and, of course, food. The Dog Who Knew Too Much can easily be understood without reading the previous books but rewards fans. We not only catch up with Chet and Bernie, but renew our acquaintance with Bernie’s girlfriend Suzie —who is kickass in this book—Iggy and Mr. Parsons.

Briefly, Bernie is approached by Anya, who wants Bernie to pose as her boyfriend when she goes to Parents’ Day at the wilderness camp her son is attending. She is afraid of her ex-husband and wants a bodyguard. When Bernie and Anya arrive, they discover that her son, Devin, is missing, never making it back from an overnight trip with his group. The story becomes even more complicated when Bernie is implicated in a murder. What happened to Devin? Who is the real murderer or was there even a murder? Can Chet once again rescue his best friend?

I don’t remember laughing out loud while reading the previous books, but I did with this one. It is humorous without being too cute. Bernie is the type of person I would want on my side. I wish I had someone as loyal to me as Chet is to Bernie. The book is easy and quick to read, while still being intelligent. Part of me was slightly (a teeny, teeny bit) disappointed with the book, but I have felt that way with almost every sequel I have read this year. I still am talking up this book to everyone who will listen to me.

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