Saturday, June 9, 2012

Walking the Clouds (SF Anthology)

 Indigenous Science Fiction

The recently released, Walking the Clouds edited by Grace L. Dillon is an anthology of Indigenous science fiction. Some of the selections are short stories but most are excerpts from novels or novellas. The book has the feel of an academic book, with long, scholarly introductions to the selections. It is well written, well organized and whetted my appetite to read the longer works. I felt I learned a bit more about Indigenous points of view of reality. One short story, which dealt with non-linear time, caused me to do some heavy pondering. Emotionally, the book left me a bit cold. When I originally brought the book home from the library, I had expected to sit back and immerse myself in experiences. I could do that with some of the short stories, but not most of the excerpts. All in all, while the book might not have mass appeal, it will be valuable to readers who want to broaden their understanding of science fiction.

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