Friday, September 14, 2012

The Last Song of Orpheus (Fantasy Novel)

Music of the Spheres. A Voyage. Destiny. Fate. The Netherworld. The Golden Fleece. Mysteries. 
To fulfill my role in maintaining the great harmony of the universe I must go from place to place as I am told, either to teach or just to sing and play, as is needed.
The above quote sums up The Last Song of Orpheus by Robert Silverberg. The novel is short and simple, but beautiful and poetic. Using a first person narrative, it brings to life the character of Orpheus, a musician from Greek mythology.

The Last Song of Orpheus also makes the reader think. Do we have freewill or are we at the mercy of fate? Can we unite the Apollo and Dionysus within ourselves? Can we perceive the music of the spheres underneath all that we experience in our world?

The Last Song of Orpheus is a worthwhile little book.

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