Thursday, September 12, 2013

Deep Down (Supernatural Mystery/ Fantasy Novel)

Black Dogs. Moving Shadows. Reapers. Death. Disappearing People. 

Deep Down by Deborah Coates is an enjoyable, forget-about-your-life-for-a-few-hours, novel. It is a direct sequel to Wide Open and combines elements of the supernatural with a touch of mystery.

Briefly, Halle is in the process of leaving the Army and is at loose ends as to what to do next. She thinks her days of seeing ghosts are over. But, things quickly turn weird. She has encounters with a black shadow that floods her with images. Halle begins to see mysterious black dogs that almost no one else can see. Her elderly neighbor begins to attract these black dogs and enlists Halle’s help to get rid of them. Meanwhile, Halle encounters a bizarre car accident, which is a copy of the one that killed Boyd’s wife. When Halle investigates further, she meets Holloway, who was responsible for the original accident and allegedly died as a result of it. He starts stalking Boyd’s sister-in-law. In addition, some of the town folks are disappearing. Halle sets out to uncover what is going on, enlisting the help of some interesting characters, which include a medium and one of the black dogs.

I didn’t enjoy Deep Down as much as I liked/loved Wide Open. Maybe some of the novelty wore off. I did enjoy how Coates deals with ideas about death and lost, which almost all of us face. I liked the supernatural elements and the various characters. The black dog is an interesting sidekick. I would certainly read any sequel, but I am not pining for it the way I do with some other series.

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