Saturday, February 14, 2015

How to Avoid Making Art (Creativity Book)

Oh My!.... Oh MY!.... OH MY! ....How to Avoid Making Art (or Anything Else You Enjoy) was written by Julia Cameron – like the Julia Cameron of The Artist Way fame– and illustrated by her sister Elizabeth Cameron. Do not let the deceptively cute pictures fool you; this is a book that will have you taking a hard look at your procrastination issues. Page after page I saw myself. I laughed. I wanted to scream. I buried my face in a nearby pillow and wanted to hide. This is a book that I need by my reading/sometimes writing chair, so that I will catch myself in the act of avoiding making art.

A quick personal story: in early winter I took a fiction writing class through a MOOC. The first assignment was to start keeping a journal. How hard could that be? I’ve kept journals in the past. I absolutely couldn’t do it and ended up not finishing the course. Recently, I discovered that I had taken out a book from the Library on book making so that I could hand-make a book to use to write a journal. That was the moment I knew I had avoidance issues.

How to Avoid Making Art has been in  print over ten years, so I assume there must be at least some people as wacky as I am out there. Let's all keep on reading the book and making art.

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