Monday, April 6, 2015

Dreams Underfoot (Urban Fantasy)

Where or where have I been? When I found Dreams Underfoot, a book in the Newford Series by Charles de Lint, at my local library, I felt like someone who found out that their new best friend had been living only a few blocks away most of their life. The book is over two decades old. (If I had discovered the series earlier, I could have avoided reading a lot of bad fiction.) The book is the exact style that I have a hard time putting down. The fantasy is fresh. Even familiar plotlines are presented with new twists. The characters are sympathetic and three dimensional. De Lint dares to take on some difficult subjects.

Dreams Underfoot is a series of short stories which take place in the city of Newford. Magic can be found for those who believe and are willing to experience it. A number of the stories take on the subject of child and sexual abuse. Some of the stories have happy ending; other do not. At least one is a horror story. While many of the same characters are woven into the stories, only one story requires a direct knowledge of a previous one.

Dreams Underfoot contains good storytelling. The fantasy element never becomes distracting or silly. Rather, it enriches the plot. Let’s see whether the other books in the series are just as good.

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