Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Rare Bird of Fashion (Non-fiction)

I never even made it out the door of the Library with Rare Bird of Fashion: the Irreverent Iris Apfel. After I checked it out, I went straight for a comfy chair by the windows. I read the account of Iris’s journey to become a famous stylist and perused the photographs from her fashion exhibit in one very satisfying sitting. The experience was like going to see some charismatic motivational speaker. “Yes, yes, yes. Yes, I can.” Of course, the obvious question is “what is it that I can?” Hmm. As I was walking home, sans book that I had tidily put in the book drop, I thought of Brian Glazier and his book, A Curious Mind. Both books are inspiring in the same way. I am sure some language has an expression for it: to be one’s own person, to live with tenacity, to provide luck and serendipity with a big target. It isn’t about their specific crafts but rather about how they are in the world and with themselves.

What a perfect way to spend part of an afternoon!

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