Monday, September 21, 2009


Alexander McCall Smith’s first chapter of the second “book” of Corduroy Mansion begins today on the internet, and a new chapter will be published every weekday through early February. Reading the opening sentence, I am quickly reminded why AMS is one of my favorite authors:

William French wine merchant, Master of Wine (failed), somewhere in his early fifties (hardly noticeably, particularly in the right light), loyal subscriber to Rural Living (although he lived quite happily in central London), long-time supporter of several good causes (he was a kind man at heart, with a strong sense of fairness), widower, dog-owner, and much else besides; the same William French looked about his flat in Corduroy Mansions, as anybody might survey his or her flat in a moment of self-assessment, of stocktaking.

Two weeks ago I started writing Kata’s Cadence, which is essentially an extension of what I have been writing for our church the Sundays that I conduct the service. Each day I write a prayer, affirmation, blessing, or brief observation. Like the rhythm of my life, the tone can vary from day to day.

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