Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Final Reading Tally

In 2010 I read 79 fiction books—77 novels and 2 books of short stories. In the beginning of the year I read mostly mysteries. The rest of the year I read mostly science fiction and fantasy, particularly the Hugo winning novels. But I still took time to read new novels by some of my favorite writers. I also read 42+ non-fiction books. The non-fiction numbers get fuzzy because I reread favorite books and read some very old books on-line.

Two men came to my home this summer trying to talk me into installing cable television. I looked at them blankly and tried to explain that I didn’t fit into their demographics. “But you could watch television in every room in your house. You could record up to four programs at a time.” Why would a person want to do that when there are libraries filled with books?

I feel so, so blessed that I have been able to read to my heart’s content the last few years. I know there may come a time when I have to go back to the pace of a novel or two a month. That will be okay too.

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