Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Downbelow Station

War. Politics. Alliances. Loyalty. Betrayal....Political Players. Military. Clones. Merchants. Space Station Citizens. Refugees. A Governing Family. Cute Critter-people.

In the 1982 Hugo award winning novel, Downbelow Station, C. J. Cherryh tells the story of a neutral space station caught in the middle of a war. I admired her fresh spin on the science fiction, war theme. At the same time, I got bogged down in all the politics at the beginning of the novel. The middle and ending of the book were much more enjoyable to read. The Konstantin family, who governs the space station, is likable. The plot is relatively fast paced and complex. The ending was satisfying.

Cherryh comes back to the same universe in Cyteen, the 1988 Hugo award winning novel. This should be interesting.

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