Friday, August 1, 2014

Strange Country (Fantasy/Supernatural Fiction Novel)

There had been a time in her life when the world hadn’t been all that complicated — do the job and get back home. Even if sometimes getting home had been difficult or even dangerous, it was knowable. Doable. Things weren’t that way anymore.
As soon as I started reading the Strange Country by Deborah Coates, I was gone, totally immersed in the story, totally oblivious to my usual ruminations. Strange Country is a sequel to Wide Open and Deep Down. This part mystery, part supernatural fiction novel deals with some of the unfinished business that took place in the earlier storylines, including Death’s proposition to Hallie.

The story opens with Boyd Davies responding to a call about a possible prowler at Prue Stalking Horse’s home. Boyd doesn’t find a prowler, but when he looks around Prue’s home something doesn’t feel right. When they go outside, Prue is shot and killed by a high powered rifle. While searching Prue’s home, investigators find a long dead body and some mysterious stones. The stones are similar to the one carried around by Laddie, an unlucky psychic and a friend to Hallie and Boyd. In the meantime, Beth, Boyd’s sister-in-law and the daughter of Death, shows up at Hallie’s door. And, someone or something is leaving mysterious notes for Hallie, telling her to face her fear. Who murdered Prue? What does her death have to do with events that happened over twenty years ago? What does it have to do with recent supernatural events involving Hallie, Boyd, and others?

Strange Country renews my love of the Taylor County Series --I had loved Wide Open, but had been disappointed with Deep Down-- The rural settling and the characters are almost laid back, yet the plot surges forward. The plot just melts like chocolate or a spoonful of ice-cream, easily creating an immediate experience. While the novel ends with a sense of completion, it keeps open the possibility of more secrets that might lurk in Taylor County or in the lives of Boyd or Hallie.

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